Safety Program

Helping You Stay Safe

Warriner & Associates provides hands on involvement with the development of safety programs to help you in reducing loss. Some of the areas we have developed:

  • Setting objectives on specific loss areas on how losses will be reduced.
  • Providing direction on developing safety policies and procedures.
  • Support management in safety meetings
  • Customize an awareness program to support objectives, i.e. awards, posters, etc.

Safety Near Trains

Operation Lifesaver

Sadly, in 2011 Texas was the #1 state in total highway-railroad grade crossing collisions and #3 in total crossing fatalities (Federal Railroad Administration)

Operation Lifesaver is a non-profit organization providing public education programs to prevent collisions, injuries and fatalities on and around railroad tracks and highway-rail grade crossings.

The state and international rail safety programs include free presentations by authorized volunteers within the community to give people the information needed to stay safe around railroad properties and rights-of-way as well as give specialized training for law enforcement, professional drivers, and emergency first responders. 

Marlin Communication Station

Create a transportation safety program that makes it easy for your drivers to get the message, and remember it.  Digital signage systems, safe driving and safe backing posters hit the topics most important to your team, and your company safety goals.

Warriner & Associates partners with The Marlin Company to get you complete workplace content solution that is tailored to your company. You get coverage on all the key issues – both hard and soft – and you have a choice of delivery systems, state of the art electronic display board technology or print stations. You get the option of customizing your transportation safety program content and are assisted by a full staff of research, writing, and design experts working with a million dollar budget. You get workplace messages that attract transportation workers’ attention, get your point across, and change behavior.

Driver Screening

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established regulations pertaining to background investigations on commercially licensed drivers (CDLs), outlining minimum screening requirements companies that hire CDLs must follow.

Motor carriers who develop a rigorous screening program based upon the following best practices may also protect themselves from penalties associated with non-compliance, cargo theft and risks associated with negligent hiring or retention litigation. These guidelines can also help to maintain regulatory compliance and secure a safer workplace.

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